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Meaningful Gamification

[Pinned] Meaningful Gamification

We've discussed this a bit already in the forums, but where can we add game elements to the classroom for pedagogical reasons?Please feel free to refer to any of the videos we have up for this week or to Scott Nicholson's paper. Exploring Gamific...
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Meaningful Gamification

3D Gamelab

I did it. I took the plunge and bought the $245 3D Gamelab account. I will give it a try this Fall and see how it goes. I need to see if this will improve student engagement and learning in my class. The only part that concerns me is that I've gon...
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Meaningful Gamification

Games and Learning

I've been studying games and learning since before "gamification" was a thing (or even a word). My mentor has been studying humane (aka serious) games, including games and learning, for far longer. I'll admit that the word "gamification" makes me ...
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Meaningful Gamification

Meaningful Gamification to me:

For me it's allowing me to see things I couldn't before. Either allowing me to interact with a force I couldn't normally, or a situation I haven't. When Applied to WoW this would be the choice of Hoard or Alliance. The philosophical battle of good...
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