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[Pinned] Minecraft, Math and Science

If you are currently using Minecraft for science, please share. If not take a look at these resources. Is there anything usable for your class?
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How to recognize kids' learning in Minecraft

In our tour of This Land, the Inevitable Betrayal section of the Minecraft server, we talked with the girls who created the village and castle about their process. This led me to think about how we could recognize the skills that kids practice and...
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Tekkit and other mods

There are some really amazing mods and mod packs for Minecraft out there, one of which is Tekkit, which is part of the Technic pack. It adds advanced electronics, alchemy, new ores and lots of various other neat things. Ever wanted to build a nucl...
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Minecraft Fun Where To Go?

I bet this has been repeated a few times, sorry if it is so. However, here I go: where do you multiplayer-minecraft? was kind of fun and nice people, but I love to dig! so, it didn't hold my interest was looked at,...
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