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[Pinned] Reporting In
Reporting In!

[Pinned] Reporting In

So that we get an idea of the mix in the community, please let us know if you identify as any of the followingMaker ( what do you make?)Hacker ( reverse engineering, white hat of course)Do you script? code?Gamer, Modder, Minecraft BuilderBuilder i...
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Reporting In!

Late again!

This is starting to be habit forming, being late I mean. I've started working in two new schools so I'm a bit overwhelmed, as such I can't promise to be on often or regularly. But I'll try. I've already stuck my oar in and stirred things up a b...
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Reporting In!

Who am I, who-who, who-who?

Well, I suppose I would fall mostly into the Maker and Coder areas because of years of programming and hardware experience. I have several Maker projects posted out on Blogger for my Arduino experiments, for example:Trashcan AccelerometerDaphne t...
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Reporting In!

Reporting In

Maker: I find this term kinda interesting. I don't really identify with it, but I probably am one. I make a lot of things: art, games, crafts, etc. I grew up with the mentality of "why pay for it, when you can make it yourself" so I make a wide va...
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