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My Mooc Midterm

by christopher on Jul 26, 2012 at 08:38 PM}
I posted a bit about the course on my blog at the north american simulation and gaming association. NASAGA

"Back at the beginning of the month I posted about a Massive Open Online Course on Games-based Learning. The course is running for a total of six weeks and we are now close to the end of week three so it is time for a mid-term paper."

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By the way, I have been a long time member of NASAGA, the association has been around for 50 years this year and is dedicated to the use of simulations and games for learning. Historically it has been more focused on the face2face forms of simulation, role play, games, and other forms of active learning. Although we are growing in terms of the online gamer membership. Scott Nicholson, another course participant is also a member. Membership is free.


Hi Chris:

Thanks for posting the NASAGA site (just registered myself on the site, pending approval). I also appreciate your assessment of the game mooc. Had a similar problem here with accessing Second Life/WoW/Minecraft at times (though EVEOnline runs mysteriously well), but did appreciate the Google Air Live feeds that helped me catch up with the rest of the group.

I'm now interested to see some of the simulation type games posted on NASAGA. Are you guys playing with augmented reality type games as well? Seems to be where simulation games are going.

Thanks again,

Sherry :)
Wow, I'm impressed that you assigned yourself a midterm -- and completed the assignment! And set up the Netvibes dashboard, which I find very useful. I thought I was the only one that did stuff like this! Here's another great outcome of being in this MOOC -- stumbling into kindred spirits! :-)

Interesting feedback, as well. It's a funny thing about the need for more F2F-related content. I teach exclusively online, yet when I think about games-based learning, I inevitably imagine the F2F environment. So my examples and inventions tend to run to the F2F end of teaching and learning.

The F2F classroom actually feels like a more fruitful environment for games-based learning! Is that counter-intuitive, or does that make perfect sense?

Or neither?

Mind Erasure and Beth,
Sorry to miss these comments until today. I tend to read the forums and forget about the journal pages. NASAGA has not done much in ARG until the past year. We have picked up some younger members who are excited about them. This fall we are doing an ARG as the kickoff keynote event for the conference. I hope you become an active contributer on the site. We need more folks generating momentum in this area.

On F2F vs online, I think both are important, my bias to F2F comes from a tendency towards the lowest possible tech combined with I was doing simulations before there was an internet :-) At NASAGA we have had tracks about online but they tend to be demos and presentations. I once did a f2f simulation of an online environment using post-it notes and flipcharts for discussion boards and instant messages and a couple of other typical online classroom features. It did not include games (this was around 2001) We debriefed about the difference in feeling between the simulated online and a "typical" conference breakout. The consensus was it felt slower but the participation felt deeper.

I coordinated an all online conference back in 2004 for NASAGA I got Marc Prensky, Clark aldrich, and a few others to do both recorded and some live presentations combined with discussion forums. It was pretty well attended, more than typically come to the f2f event. I have not had the impetus to do it again and didn't find other takers on the coordinator role.

I think there are some older sims and games that could be revived in an online setting. I have been working on a post about the games that changed my worldview. I will share it soon.

ps on the mid-term, I felt guilty that I had not done a weekly blog about the conference and just went for an alliterative excuse :-)

Best regards,
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