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A Busy Week

by Neemana on Aug 09, 2012 at 10:16 PM}
I just left the SL location where Bluebarker Lowtide was sharing his insights about the narrative and what all is involved. Very enlightening and makes sense in the progression of a story. I missed the first part, and then my headphones were not picking up sound in SL, so then I pulled up YouTube for the sound and went into SL to watch.

Today concluded the CMSITCON (Tech Conference for our school district). I presented 3 times about Games Based Learning. My presentation is here: If anyone sees anything they would like to use in it you are more than welcome. I was talking to an audience made up of teachers and mostly non gamers. So I pretty much had to start from scratch with them. Interestingly enough, a reporter from the public radio station was recording the session. I will be interested to see what becomes of that.



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