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by JZapper on Oct 10, 2012 at 11:01 AM}
Everything this week is coming up GBL. We are at the start of a project to incorporate games and game mechanics into a learning environment for our technology team of about 200 tech savvy, young, male staff. We have all kinds of learning resources, but minimal usage. Monday I read an article that uses a funny acronym MOOC. I go to and there is a MOOC on gamification with a tbd start date. So I search and come up with this MOOC starting immediately. Boss says go for it. Next day I get an email asking about research on games in learning that leads to some great infographics. A good article appears in training mag that gets my mind sparking. Then I attend a webinar on the tin can API a way we can tie learning activities to/from our lms. What will happen today?


GBL is getting funded, so it's getting attention! What did you see regarding research? Was any of it good?


I just completed that Coursera Gamification MOOC and the content is excellent, although there isn't much specific to learning per se. I mean the concepts are applicable but there's not a specific learning focus. I would recommend it for the future however.

Based on your situation I would also recommend Karl Kapp's book Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education. I think you have a great audience for gamification and hope you keep us posted.
I am going to check into Corsara, isn't that free but you have to pay for the certificate?
I know they are looking to make some courses have a paid component but when I took Gamification it was set up such that you could just lurk and just view the content and/or participate in the discussions but if you wanted the certificate you had to complete minimum quiz scores and assignment requirements. It was all free.
Synchronicity, you mentioned Tin Can API.... I hadn't heard of it until literally 5 minutes ago. Who offered the webinar? What do you think of it?
"Everything is coming up GBL." I ain't even mad. This kind of stuff gives me hope for the future. I'm glad GBL is starting to get the real attention it deserves.
Sorry I didn't get back until now. The presentation I saw is available online at
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