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Feedback for Students

by Abacus on Oct 14, 2012 at 11:50 PM}
Hello everyone,

This fall we are piloting a full semester of Business in World of Warcraft. The reason behind this was to evaluate the use of Games Based Learning in an Intro to Business class and compare with other classes.

Below are two students presentations for Project I. This project's purpose has students to provide an executive summary of a virtual business in World of Warcraft. The students and I would love to hear from educators on what they thought of the presentations. I've also pasted a brief description of the project at the bottom of this entry.

Thank you for your time and feedback.

Student 1:
The Skherbalist, Extraction/Retail Business:

Student 2:
WoW Guild Farmers Show! (Student's first experience with PowerPoint and screen capture!)

Project I:

Presentation Requirements

Your presentation will consists of two parts. The first part is a two to three page executive summary of the business concept you select. The second piece is a 2 to 5 minute screencapture of you presenting your idea. You will need a microphone if you do not have a web camera or built in mic on your computer.

Part 1: Executive Summary

Format: Your executive summary should be no more than three (3) pages. These pages should be no more than 1" margins and Times New Roman 12 font.

The executive summary should address the following questions

  • What type of business is it?What is the concept of the business or the entrepreneurial vision of the startup business?
  • What are the primary products and services being offered? How did the idea for the product or business originate? What has been done to develop the idea? How and from which suppliers will raw materials and services be obtained?
  • Who are the customers? Describe them in general. What are their needs and how will the company meet them? How will the customer obtain the products and services?
  • How will the business be run and by whom? What experiences do the owners and managers have that will help the business be successful?
  • Discuss the industry in general and how the industry is doing at this particular point in time. How the industry is projected to perform in the future.
  • Define the target market. Who will purchase the product or service? What are the demographics of the target market? What is important to them: image, quality, price, convenience, etc? How can the business attract them? How will the products and services be sold to the target markets? Which advertising and promotion media will be used? Why?
  • Discuss the pricing structure? What will the margins be?
  • How does the product or service compare with what is offered by the competitors? How do they differ? Why would consumers buy from this company?
  • How will the product or service be produced? Will some work be assigned to subcontractors? How will inventory be controlled? How will supplies or raw materials be controlled?

Part II: Screencapture

Each entrepreneur will create a 10 slide PowerPoint that addresses the key questions of the Executive Summary. The entrepreneur will then use a screencapture technology to present their PowerPoint and post a URL to the video as part of their dropbox submission. Recommended screencapture technologies are:,, or Jing. If you have any questions or need additional accommodations, please email me using the classlist tool.


I find this exceptionally interesting because of the development of business plans, the WoW is just "icing on the cake" so to speak. I have a Ph.D. in Anthropology and students who ask me what classes should they take, I always answer "Accounting, Business Management and Technical Writing." They always are aghast, they think they just go out and look at people and talk to them. The reality is they will be doing budgets, writing plans, managing personnel, etc.

As with real estate, with their "location, location, location," business now is presence, presence, presence." Learning how to do a GOOD power point and not put your audience to sleep is a skill they will need. Obviously you are looking at business majors, but the class you have constructed would work with my classes too, part of anthropology is being an "applied anthropologist" I would love to see an Applied Anthropology class (a specific upper level one) that used World of Warcraft as its world to live in for the semester.

I thought that the first student did an excellent presentation, as a potential investor I would have liked to have had definitions clearer in the beginning as to exactly what he would be selling, he used a lot of focal vocabulary without explanations til later on. Focal vocabulary to an Anthroplogist is when a sub-group uses words you know but the manner which you are hearing them from the person makes no sense at all. "Tank" is a good example in WoW. To the non-gamer it is a water tank, a war tank or a steep fall to the bottom.

Once I understood his terms, and the fact there was a new game out in WoW where players would need low-end commodities that they don't want to work for because they want to explore the new world, and that he could provide them at a low cost it made sense. (I do understand WoW terms but was looking at this as a potential investor). His explanation of his background skills made me comfortable as an investor. He had also scoped out the competition and the potential traders and his case that he would still be successful showed a broader understanding of business as well as the game.

Tell him he has a potential investor!
This. Is. Awesome!! As someone who loves to get rich in games (but hasn't figured it out in real life, go figure,) I approve of this. There are so many principles in WoW that could be used in the classroom. Economics, markets, value of currency, time cost, it's all there. Way to go, you!
Excellent example of using WoW in an educational setting!

Overall, I found this presentation to be more in the order of a business summary. It was informative and showed that the student has strong experience with the environment in WoW. On the other hand, because the student had a lot of experience, I would have expected some kind of discussion about how the business could/would be expanded after awhile. Perhaps he could start a business guild and hire other characters to farm as well, for example?

Also not addressed was which faction he would be working through. I don't know that it matters that much, but I was curious. Finally, I noticed that he didn't say anything about leveraging add-ons for WoW. He would be at a serious business disadvantage if he didn't.

Guild Farmers
This presentation was at a more basic level than the first. It was much more educationally oriented..more like a client video playing in a waiting room of the business (especially the first part).

The use of images really helps this presentation. The second presenter was much more nervous and I got the impression that she got some of her images from other sources than screencapture.

Since she started from square 0 regarding what she knew about WoW, I do have to applaud some of her research. It would have been good had she been able to actually engage in some trading on the auction house.

Thank you for sharing these presentations! I enjoyed both a great deal, actually.
WoW one of those days I get to write and post the same thing twice! That will teach me to hit the "post reply" button!

Presentation 2, I thought that, like LeeDale, this was more basic but since she didn't have a background in WoW, I think she felt she needed to explain she knows it now. I do have some mechanical comments regarding distractions, the background noise was present, there were so many "ahs" that I think she was going unscripted, best to have a script or talking points and in one slide her text bled into the picture.

Good points was that if her investors were not versed in WoW that they would have a good understanding of what she was proposing to do include transportation and sales area. It sounded like she was planning on selling to the "wholesale traders" in the auction house, while the 1st presentation was doing direct sales to consumers.

If her audience was investors who don't know about WoW she really helped them understand, but unfortunately she also told them what she didn't know and so her plan was sketchy and could have been fleshed out.

The use of screen capture where she pointed out some personnel and made it seem quite professional.

I would invest with her only if I was willing to do a 'high risk" investment, with presentation #1 I would consider his proposal "low risk" investment because he pointed out potential problems or risks and and how he would overcome them.
Hi everyone, I'm the student responsible for 'The Skherbalist' presentation above. I just wanted to jump on and express my appreciation for your feedback. Even though this 'business' isn't something I'm pursuing outside of the class, it's nice to be able to hear perspectives on what I did well and how I can improve such presentations in the future.

Thank you for your feedback.
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