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Shakespeare and Collaborators

by exquisite.corpse on Oct 25, 2012 at 07:20 PM}
This isn't really gaming, but I love the collaboration between actors, literary experts and the Center to Prevent Violence, as well as the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Whoda thunk? Collaboration, connectivism -- next CU should tackle their own hazing problems with the Colo Shakespeare folks whose plays occur on campus in the Mary Rippon Theatre...
What kind of odd collaborations and connectivism links and projects can we envision here if these comparatively old school folks can come up with this?
Shakespeare Teaches about Bullies...


That is an interesting project! It does seem to be more on the level of "something to use to talk to 5-9 grade kids when you're teaching Shakespeare". I applaud how they extrapolate from the original writing, though. It would help with comprehension of the original material.

When you mentioned bullying, one of the first things I thought about was Rockstar Games' Bully. At the time it was released, there was a pretty major uproar (mostly from people who never played it, was my impression).

While this game is rated T, it would make a good launching board for a discussion of bullying, communication skills, and social behavior, among other things. It also sort of goes back to the idea you brought up before of using games as text. There are numerous games that use revenge as their backstory. The advantage of using games over something linear like a play or a book is that students would have the opportunity to screencast multiple outcomes that they control.
This is a really neat idea. Bullying and "hazing" is a very real and serious problem. It's good to see that not only are there those who take it seriously, but also come up with new and creative ways to approach it.
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