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Loved the Play Webinar

by exquisite.corpse on Oct 30, 2012 at 03:22 PM}
What a character! I loved the because play matters webinar. I loved how the good doctor said that games he asks students to create are not "questions" and not moving around a board (although, admittedly, that is what mine currently are, mostly). I am still figuring out how to not just "put chocolate on broccoli" but am unsure yet how to start down the path. BTW our history prof at my community college assigned a paper that I feel is much more immersive than what I do -- the student has to write a letter AS A PERSON in history to describe the social, political and health/living conditions of the time -- much more engaging (and a better assessment) than simply listing dates and events on a page!

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Interesting, so the history professor employs a form of role-playing in paper writing. That's a really cool way to do things.
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