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OK...hard-nosed academic time...

by badbuddha0 on Nov 12, 2012 at 03:48 PM}
I posted the following in the Forum yesterday - Seeking collaborators:

For those of you who aren't aware, I am working (slowly) on my M.Ed. in Distance Education and Instructional Design at the University of Athabasca in Alberta, Canada (interestingly, this university was where Seimens and Downes did much of their work on connectivism and MOOCs like the one we are taking).

At any rate, I am fascinated with GBL and its utility in F2F learning or across great distances. Perhaps more for me than anyone else, I am openly declaring that I want to do my thesis work in this area - Instructional Design for Game-Based Learning at a Distance. For Engagement. For better classrooms (F2F, Mobile, Distance-only, and blended) everywhere.

I guess I am throwing this out to the participants of this MOOC because I am interested to know the group's opinion of the major scholarly needs of the area. What areas need to have light shed upon them? There seems to be quite a bit of conventional information out there about the practice of using games to learn (not surprisingly), but what do people here think would most benefit from scholarly investigation?

I am strongly drawn to this area, though I am not always able to participate as fully as I like in this class. I am in for the long haul and willing to contribute to growing awareness of this set of practices. Drop me a line if you'd like to chat!


I have gotten some response, but I am seeking to perhaps develop something of an annotated bibliography of some of the academic work done in the area of GBL - connecting game mechanics to learning theory and so on. I think the Diigo group is good for a ton of supporting literature and resources, but I am interested in knowing who are the really big names in this area of instructional design. I want to keep this ball rolling after this MOOC and, hopefully, contribute to the growing body of academic work where GBL, distance education, and instructional design converge.



I'm really glad to hear that you're dedicated to continuing in the field of GBL after the MOOC is done.
I am too, if there is anything I can do, let me know. I speak Canadian eh?
Well, basically, what I need to do is maintain access to the resources available in MOOCs 1 and 2 and become a master of what is being written right now. The feedback I have received so far is that there is a dearth of academic work on GBL in secondary schools and, being a secondary-focused educator, that seems like a good place for me to start. read read! I am going to go through this MOOC and collect references and then, where possible, create an annotated bibliography to start. I would like to be able to submit this and ask for other sources I don't include.

Additionally, I want to work with the GAME group on developing a primer for pitching GBL to administration. I started one and shared it with Kae...and the group last time. As an administrator, I think I may be able to bridge the gap and help people "speak admin."
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