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Massively Open Life of Anne Frank

by exquisite.corpse on Nov 13, 2012 at 07:00 PM}
What a delightful webinar! I agree with Kae that it was informative on the levels of MOOC, games/virtual worlds and the subject of Anne Frank. I loved the idea of instructor as "Trojan Horse" going into the assignment first and bringing the army with him/her. Also, I loved the speaker's confession that as a pre-teen reader of The Diary of a Young Girl that he did not quite understand the logistics of hiding from mercenary people who were looking for you. His tender thoughts on the reliability of Frank as narrator bespoke of his passion for the subject matter. I especially liked how the presenter finally understood in a deeper way how one successfully hid for so long after he began to CONSTRUCT the Second Life build for reinactment/immersion. Especially cool was the last assignment of student as curator-- brilliant!


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