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Window Shopping the Badges and Bought Into Storify

by finneycanhelp on Mar 25, 2013 at 10:40 PM}

I was walking down the internet lane when I spied the badges all lined up in a row, Brave Beginner, Networked Educator and more. After viewing the requirements for each, I went through a period of inspiration, perspiration of activity and finally some life assessment. BTW, I am going to a long conference in the middle of April.

The good news is that I started a storify story:

It shall grow like a flower in a well tended garden. Enjoy!


Yay! You are really getting the idea of connectivism. Collecting everything you are learning, remixing it and then playing it forward.

Here's Mind Erasure's Storify from the last Games MOOC in case you want to take a peek at what someone else has done.
Well, you gave us quite the large amount of information to assimilate. Reminds me of the Borg, "Resistance is Futile," I read your storify and watched both of the videos, hard to turn away, "resistance is futile," as this has so much meaning and information for us as educators and our students. The concept of fluid intelligence and the way Gabe Ziechermann discussed "feedback, friends and fun" as how and why people participate and learn was especially interesting. We talk about "fun, flow and fiero" but in reality we are talking about engagement at a personal and multi-personal level. Isn't that our classroom? Does it matter if it is face-to-face or not? I think not. I also was interested in the game and the Wired magazine article. Dual-N-Back looks interesting, (watched the video,etc.) but not sure how a dyslexic would do, so I will give it a chance, matching games are difficult for us. However, we do know that in humans those who stay mentally active remain mentally active as they get older, the idea of lifetime learning makes that lifetime to the end more rewarding and interesting. Thank you so much. Look forward to your other posts. Glad you are in the MOOC!
Thank you both, kae and grasshopper98, for your kind words. Thanks also for the Curator award! :)

The spirit of Connectivism is in alignment with how I love to live. It reflects an attitude of abundance. It highlights that there is much to gain through cooperation and sharing.

grasshopper98, I agree and think that people are learning new ways of mixing engagement and fun with the time honored natural human relationships and interactions we seek.
Congratulations, Finney! *grins* You embody connectivism and it shows!

What a cool Storify! Epic Win FTW! My first World of Warcraft arena group was called Epic Fail, and did we ever! *laughs*

Your story on Fluid Intelligence and the cool video on it at reminds me of the importance of reflecting on unstructured problems and developing our collaborative skills to tackle them.

I'm designing a problem-based learning activity for use in my workshop April 18th at Colorado Technical University's Doctoral Symposium.

After reading your Storify, I went looking for sample games. I may be the wrong market for this memory matching games featured in this video on Dual N-Black, which says that it raises your IQ fast (5 points in a day).

Have fun! *waves*
Cynthia / Lyr Lobo
@Lyr Lobo I could use that "Raise Your I.Q. Fast" game. keeping up with emerging technology and trying to apply it to my classes, and I think I am on the "bleeding edge" of the envelope, is like drinking from a fire hose. About the time I think I have a brilliant idea, and start looking for ways to implement it, some research shows me someone has already done it, and people have moved on.

Reminds me of a career day back in the 1960s in high school. I went to the advertising one, and part of what he told us then was it is really difficult to come up with a truly original idea. He said when he was first starting he thought "Camels carried wise men, and wise men carry Camels." for the Camel Cigarette company, did everything to protect his brilliant idea. Called Camel Company and the person said, "Yes, we do look for new ideas but if it is anything about wise men and camels we aren't interested." that idea was actually copyrighted in 1931... never used by Camel. Didn't want to mess with a Christian Holiday. It is getting more difficult to be original.
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