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Nick Name: Neemana
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I am a technology instructor at an elementary school in North Carolina. What makes my job so cool is that I am over a lab of iPads. And since the majority of educational apps are "games" I've decided that instead of just concentrating on a boring app, I want to learn how to implement better games into my class so that the kids can get a real idea of what gaming can be. One of the best games I've seen is The Math Mage, RPG-style that has intrinsinc reward system. Anyway I digress, I play Order and Chaos, Dungeon Hunter, Minecraft PE, and Aralon on the iPad. I currently play WoW, Diablo III, SWTOR (but not all three all the time). Unfortunately work beckons and I have to obey. I guess you can tell I am into RPGs.

I am a wife and mother of 2 daughters who are also gamers, one loves Skyrim and the other loves her Minecraft. Dad, he just shakes his head. I am a Christian and I particularly like the good vs. evil themes of games. I work with Middle Schoolers at church and they are dumbfounded that a grown up likes to play video games and is a Star Wars geek. Oh, did I mention I'm a Star Wars geek? Movies, books, games...all of it.

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