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From a very young age I have been designing games. I remember giving stats to my G.I. Joe and Transformer toys. I would roll dice in order to see how to play out my afternoons. In my early teens (before girls) I would spend my days at the local game store playing what ever game people were playing in the back room. I play tested for SJ Games whenever they sent us new stuff to try. I was listed in Gurps 2nd Ed - Martial Arts and Horror. It was great to be 14 and able to go into stores selling game books and see my own name.

I taught game design, computer forensics, and graphic design for a high school career and tech ed program until becoming an instructional coach. They pay me to coach and create professional development opportunities in the realm of educational technology, but I feel that I am the one learning most from the many people I have the honor of sharing a classroom with every day.
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