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Edublog Awards Announced!

kae / Dec 14, 2012
Thanks to everyone who voted for the Games MOOC!

Alas... we did not win but two of our MOOCers and an organization that we have been working with made it in to the top 5 in their categories!

SIGVE was named in the top 5 Best Social Network for Educators 2012 at the Edublogger awards on Wednesday!

Gridjumper (our artisan winner) - made the top 5 for Individual Blogs
Grid Jumper’s Blog

and Cat made the top 5 for Teacher Blog
ctrl + alt+ teach
Catherine “Cat” Horton Flippen

Congratulations to SIGVE, Gridjumper and Cat! We're proud to have you in our PLN, and our online learning community!

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It is just good to be in such high company, congratulations to those whom Kae mentioned in her post.

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