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Fallout Shelter Mobile Game Recording for Games & Ethics

kae / Feb 07, 2018
We had an ISTE Games & Sims Network hangout with Sherry Jones @autnes doing her inaugural Ethics and Games webcast on Fallout Shelter.

Ethics and Games by kaezenovka, on Flickr

Fallout Shelter Mobile game
Fallout Shelter Game #FalloutShelter
Hangout link

This webinar has been indexed - so click on “Show More” underneath video on YouTube so you can see how it was divided up.

This monthly series provides in-depth discussions that offers an in-depth analysis of 1 game's narrative/aesthetics/mechanics level by level, Explain how the game's design imparts and/or promotes certain ethical values and Introduce 1 or more ethical theory that demonstrates or counters the game's ethical values (ex. discuss whether the game's imparted ethical values are regressive or progressive for the betterment of society.)


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