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Synchronous Events:

All synchronous events are optional. Events will be recorded and the link put up on the guild site.

Monday - noon MST (Denver)
Overview of Week 3 video
Google Air session on Games MOOC YouTube Channel

Wednesday - 7 pm MST (Denver)
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Bootstrapping, Edupunk & DIY with AR, Apps & Web 2.0 Tools

Thursday 7- 8 pm MST (Denver)
Narrative and Gameplay in Game Design with Sherry Jones

"Narratology and ludology are two theories that have divided scholars in game studies; the debate arises from determining which theory is most effective for game design. Sherry will address the "narratology vs. ludology" debate, as well as the current game design trend to marry narrative with gameplay. She will also cover the key elements of narration that can facilitate game progression."

Google Air session on Games MOOC YouTube Channel