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Congratulations to our Week 2 Award Winners!

These are some shining examples but thank you to everyone for creating and leading social network knowledge construction in the Games MOOC!

Week 2 Awards!
Artisan MagisterMrP

You are an Artist! You capture the essence of time and beauty! You got separated from your party because you stopped to capture that texture in the best light! You are the Artisan! A weekly award based on submissions to the Games MOOC Flickr site

MagisterMrP for Roads of Rome

Roads of Rome by MagisterMrP, on Flickr

Bard badbuddha0

Gender Bias in Games forum “It links to an offsite blog link with many interesting links and a great summary. This would make interesting course material in a future MOOC!”

Collaborateur finneycanhelp
You are invasive! You are everywhere! You are helping everyone! You are the Collabrateur! This is a weekly award.

“Much like his name suggests, he has been all over the forum, trying to help wherever he can.”

You were always there watching, writing, recording. Your work will withstand the test of Time! You care about the details! You are the Curator!

“She’s been burning up our diigo group and the Minecraft PE forum!

Herald Mina ZedWord
You announce the imminent arrival of greatness! You alert the masses! You stir passion and reverence! You talk really loud! You are the Herald!

Mina has a great thoughtful post about week 2 on her blog entitled: "Rewarding the Brain through Purposeful Design: Reflections on Week 2 of the Games Based Learning MOOC".

Tank Sam G
You always lead the charge! You face challenges head on! You are a rock! Let's face it you've taken a lot of maces to the head. You are the Tank!

“Sam G was everywhere, active poster, and in almost all areas of the mooc! He added so much in the way of links and information. “

"His posts talking about how we need to (1) teach skills but not necessarily (2) teach the same content as 20 years ago were excellent."