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Week 2 Overview and Activities

WoW Armory App by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

This week is Mobile and Games. We'll be discussing both - especially what makes mobile different. The picture above is for a mobile app for a World of Warcraft which is normally played on desktop or a laptop. Our first guest speaker Trish Cloud discussed Minecraft PE rather than Minecraft on a desktop. So what is happening with mobile culture, mobile education and how does this relate to games?

Week 2 Overview (video)

Let's start with a look at the NMC 2012 Horizon Report.

So skim through 3 of the 6 Emerging Trends for 2012 that all relate to this week.
Mobile Apps ( 1 year or less) p. 10 -13
Table Computing ( 1 year of less) p. 14 -17
Game Based Learning ( 3 years or less) p. 18 - 21

Then take a look at the Horizon Report for 2013
Notice, it's no longer Mobile Apps and then Tablet Computing - It's now only Tablet Computing ( 1 year or less) p. 15 - 19
Game Based Learning ( 3 years or less) p. 20 -23

No more section on Apps alone - why? Apps are becoming ubiquitous.

Another Resource for us to look at it the Pew Internet & American Life Project main site.

This is their most recent report Teens and Technology 2013 Does this report give you new information or confirm what you have seen?

So let's start thinking about mobile in the classroom and mobile and game based learning. Are you a BYOD or BYOT school?

How Teachers Make Cell Phones Work in the Classroom

How Mobile Learning is Different blog post.

Here are also some mobile games from Games for Change. Based on a search for mobile these games appear to be playable from a mobile device.

Endgame: Syria
Phone Story

If you haven't watched it already - Chronicle of Mobile Education I. (video)
"It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators" Interview with Trish Cloud slideshare
What can you extrapolate from this interview?

For this week, the focus of our discussion will be what does mobile learning look like when it is App based? Are you currently using any mobile apps or games in your classroom?

If you are looking at mobile game - can you have hard fun, flow and fiero or are you looking instead for Ted Talk Tom Chatfield: 7 ways games reward the brain

Link to Games MOOC discussion on 7 ways games reward the brain

For an extensive list of all things educational and mobile take a look at this Emerging Mobilization Technologies, Tennessee Board of Regents:
But please pace yourself...there is so much to look at here. It also gives us so much to discuss!

On Thursday, we do part interview, part presentation and part Google Hangout on a Bootstrapping an ARG.

So after you're done with these, what do you do?
Go into the Discussion Forum and get involved!

If you are pursuing a badge - here is the link to see what is required.

Supplement Readings and Resources

Minecraft Pocket Edition

ISTE SIG Mobile White Papers - does require you to click and download the papers.

As a handy resource for information on mobile usage take a look at these resources from Pew Internet & American Life Project

How Teens Do Research in the Digital World

Teen, Mobile & Games (3 years old)