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Storyboarding and Narratives

Designing an ARG session by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

We will continue to look at ARGs this week but focusing on the narrative design and how to storyboard it out. What's the story of your game or your gaming assignment? That's what we'll explore this week.
Week 5 overview video

Last week we discussed mysteries, puzzles and scavenger hunts, this week you'll be looking how to integrate them into your game's narrative. The best way to do this is by storyboarding.

To start what's the inspiration or story behind your game?

Here's two TED talks that have people explaining their games.

Please read how Brenda decided to design the game. Brenda Brathwaite: Gaming for understanding

Also please look at the design of this John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game


So how does narrative and gameplay fit together.This first article outlines how an ARG was created. Exocog: A case study of a new genre in storytelling

This next read is a little more dense but well worth it for the discussion of narrative's fit within games.

[Narrative, Interactivity, Play, and Games: Four naughty concepts in need of discipline by Eric Zimmerman

Now, we're on to storyboarding your game or gaming activity. Some of you may be doing ARGs, others location- based games, IF or maybe even murder mysteries. Creating an overview to include a storyboard will be very useful in running the game.


Here's a ARG overview designed by media producer Gary Hayes, it's called the Zanchetta Brothers. Take a look at the outline of components.

LeeDale, one of our Games MOOC officers and Chair for Computer Information Science made us this video on Storyboarding.

Storyboarding Presentation on Google Presenter

Storyboarding Resources - mindmapping and brainstorming

About Storyboards website

Storyboard That -storyboard creator

gliffy - flowchart website

So after you're done with these, what do you do?
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