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Clues and Closure

Welcome to Week 6 of Apps, AR and ARG! It's time to look at how you would design a clue and also to closing the loop for this course.

ARG Clue for demo only by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

For the full five weeks, we have been looking at how you would design a game or a game project using Apps, AR and an ARG or ARG-like method. We know that people are at different stages of development to include just conceptualizing it. For this final week, please share where you are, what you've done and your ideas even if the project is in the concept or brainstorming stage.

Week 6 overview video and Week 6 overview slideshow.

Designing an ARG

Designing an ARG video and Slideshow for ARG Video

We made this recording during last week's Google Hangout. Feel free to use it or the slideshare for review or reference in designing an ARG.


Take a look at Bungie, a game development compnay, and see what they are using for the first clue.

Amnesia Follow-up with clues.

For an ARG, that was designed last year during the ARG Academy, we used the QR code above on a business card and this video.

The ARG Academy which last summer did an open course through P2PU created a Flickr site that included pictures of some of the clues as well as screenshots of the virtual world portion and planning meetings.

So for the first discussion question and to close the loop on ARGs, we are going to ask you to describe or develop a clue using that either an app or AR.


Transmedia can be an important part of teaching information and technology fluency to your students. As you may have seen even in this MOOC, not being able to follow a stream across multiple modalities lessens your ability to learn. Being able to do this is a key component of connectivism.

So let's look at Apps, AR and ARGs as a way to teach transmedia and technology fluency.

First start by looking at this white paper, the lead author is Henry Jenkins and is worth reading - yes all 72 pages, but maybe for summer reading and not necessarily this week. Instead the most relevant pages are listed below.

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture:Media Education for the 21st Century

Transmedia Navigation 46 - 48

Networking 48 - 51

This is a Transmedia slideshow for an eLCC professional development session. It is specific to Front Range Community College but the terms and pictures are useful for showing what transmedia is.

While you may have looked at it before please take another look at the Game On! edition of VEJ. Is it transmedia?

For the second discussion question, give us a clue that is cross-platform meaning transmedia.


For this last portion, we have been encouraging screencapture and Google Hangout recordings during every iteration of the Games MOOC.

So this last question, will bring us back to what you may have been creating or could consider creating. Take a look at the categories in the ISTE SIGVE Machinima contest. What ones could be components of ARGs or used for clues?

ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest 2013


This is Week 6! We'll announce the overall award winners on Monday over Google Hangout.

If you are pursuing a badge - here is the link to see what is required. Also please email kae to let me that you are pursuing one. The deadline has been changed to May 30 to do final project or portfolio. If you have any questions, please let me know.