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Week 3 MOOC II
You returned.

So you have not been defeated yet? It will be different this time.

This time you will need to deal with endless games, levels, progress, leaderboards ....and the most insidious of all - victory condition mechanics.

Are you up to the challenge of a TweetChat?
A trip to the Massively Minecraft site?
Can you survive Week 3?

Are you bold enough to accept these missions!

Gamification- is this even possible?

Can you reverse engineer it - it seems to be a most powerful weapon - this gamification. We have some of our best people working on it. Can you use this weapon of mass engagement

We need more reconnaissance - but we need to know specifics - can you bring the intell will this shivtr work?

Is this magic or madness? Multiplayer classroom discussion

and lastly it seems innocuous - but are they really? What are badges?

Make sure you understand mechanics - so you can understand the magic (behavior modications)!

So if you are doing badges - pick one of more of this week's discussions! People doing networked educator there is a discussion this week on connectivism that will go up on Tuesday after the 10 am Connectivism session.