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Week 1 Fall
If you haven't looked at our overall - MOOC Getting Started page, that's where to start. It will give you an idea of what you can expect from this type of open course.

Getting Started by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Here's also a slideshare that gives you the course overview as well as a video overview.

Fall Games MOOC

Week 1 and 2
Week 2 is an overview of guilds. We'll continue looking at WoW, talk with educators who have used Guild Wars II and Minecraft. On Saturday, we'll livestream a tour of EVEOnline. We will also introduce the Build Your Guild Badge.

Week 3 - 6

Starting on week 3, we will have five questline ups. Feel free to any or all of these.

Maker Movement
Game Camp

After 1 pm on Monday, October 28th, please start by introducing yourself in discussions! We'd like to know who you are.

Then, please take a look at our weekly activities.

Weekly Activities

1) Readings, Video and other Resources

Each week for readings, video and other resources we will list core and advanced.

2) Discussion

Under the Mission Central forum, we'll have at least one discussion on the core reading and additional discussions on the advanced resources.

There will also be a weekly discussion called "Report from the Front" asking you to report on one live event you attended online, F2F or a recording you watched.

3) Live Events

East week, we have live events. These are optional. Any event done through the Games MOOC YouTube channel will be recorded. The #gamemooc tweetchat will not be curated unless one of the participants chooses to do this and share it with the Games MOOC.

Any additional webinars or other live events offered by other organizations that are related to the Games MOOC will also be listed if we know about them in advance. If it's a "Just-In- Time" event, it will be announced in News and go up on the Events Calendar.

Did someone say awards?

Yes, we have awards. To take a look at them please go here. We give out the awards starting on Week 2 during the Wednesday #tweetchat. On December 11, we'll have a closing award ceremony during the last #gamemooc tweetchat of the year.

Social Media sites, this week we'll be using:

twitter - use #gamemooc and follow @ proximalzone
Flickr - Makers, Hackers and Gamers