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Week 6 Fall

This week is all about Minecraft and More.... and the Minecraft and More UnSymppsium. The questline will open in 3D GameLab on Friday.

This is the slideshare to this week's overview.

Here is a link to the agenda and the further description.

We've put up the related discussions in the forum here, the actual Google documents will be added later this week.

To get started on the questline, here are your first few missions to gear up!

Quest 1

*Register for the Minecraft and More UnSymposium at the Event Brite site (this will be open until Thursday at midnight)

*Tweet out your registration using the #gamemooc hashtag

*email kae in the Games MOOC shivtr site that you have completed this along with the email you want to use for the questline in 3D Game Lab.

Quest 2

*Make a Minecraft Character

*Sign up for the Makes, Hackers & Games flickr

*Upload a picture of your character to the Makers, Hackers & Games Flickr site

*Email kae on the Games MOOC that you have uploaded the picture to Flickr