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Week 5 MOOC II
We've done this before with a chapter on games at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education so let's try it here.

I started a google doc.

What we're doing is collectively writing a white paper on mobile and game We'll include everyone who has contributed on it. So make sure to add your came to the co-author section.

This is white paper for ISTE SIGML (Special Interest Group Mobile Learning).
Here's a link to other white papers they have. We'll be added to this.

The audience is members of the SIGML and the SIGML will be having a presentation showcasing the white papers at the 2013 ISTE Conference.

We'll make the cut-off Wednesday November 21st at midnight. Then I'll start edit to make the December 1, 2012 deadline for SIGML. If anyone wants to help co-edit, please let me know.

Everyone else - please join us! If you are pursuing the game based learning or networked educator badge, this will be a requirement as your second collaborative activity.


Title: SIGML White Paper: Mobile and Games

Need, Opportunity, Concern or Problem? (What is the problem(s)? What is the pain? Who has the pain? 1/2 page)

Identify 3 (or so) key issues (1/2 - 1 page)

1 page (about) on each issue:

Concluding Remark: (1/2 to 1 page)

Provide 1-2 sentence summary for each issue; if a reader reads NOTHING else but the concluding remarks, a reader must still come away with a good sense of what the white paper has to say.

● Pointers to websites (e.g., blogs, companies, etc. )
● Pointers to articles (e.g., scholarly, news, etc.)

So please join in on the crowd-sourcing fun!



If you have any questions message kae or email