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Games MOOC I
We ended the first iteration of the Games Based Learning MOOC on September 17th.

To access the materials for MOOC I please select from the following weeks:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

As of that September 17th, we had a total of 301 registered participants. But it was not a closed system, so people could visit and read without logging in.

We ended up with site 48,683 visitors
86,862 page views
283 threaded discussions

We were accepted and are now listed in the US Department of Education’s Connected Educators Project’s Community Directory

We have 20 videos of live educational presentations and discussions that were made over the course of the Games MOOC. The 20 videos have collectively had 3,003 views. We have 81 people who have subscribed to the YouTube channel.

We have an asynchronous LMS –like site
Then we livestreamed Google Hangout on Air as a quick overview each Monday Morning. We had a tweetchat each Wednesday evening. On each Thursday we livestreamed a discussion or panel of guests through Google Hangout on Air and also through Second Life. If there was an opportunity to livestream a games based learning activity being done by another educational group during the time of the MOOC, we took that opportunity.

From the Games Based Learning MOOC, we have established a Wednesday night games based learning tweetchat. We use the hashtag #gamemooc. Each Wednesday at 7 pm as part of the synchronous learning #gamemooc we do 4-5 games based learning questions for an hour.

For us, perhaps M stands for modest compared to some of the large Stanford and MIT MOOCs. Currently a business professor out of U of Penn is teaching a 80,000 person Gamification MOOC through Coursera.

But I think perhaps, this says it best. This is a tweet from a librarian from Univ of Calif - SF who took our Games MOOC and is also taking the Gamification MOOC.

“Coursera gamification12 is totally LMS. OTOH #gamemooc has morphed into a wonderfully supportive guild of educators.”

RTweet by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr