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Getting Started
The MOOCs! These were awarded to participants in GAMES III - Apps, ARG & ARGs. The awardees chosen by the GAMES MOOC participants with a few special awards from the Guild Officers were announced during the May 1st #gamemooc tweetchat.

PechaThrone by abacuscapalini, on Flickr

You are an Artist! You capture the essence of time and beauty! You got separated from your party because you stopped to capture that texture in the best light! You are the Artisan!

Winner is Lleshrad Constant screen capture and mobile pics like this

You watch, listen and write! You capture the actions of heroes! You shape history! You create the Legends! Singing is Optional! You are the Bard!

Winner is is badbuddha0 Why is the Princess in Another Castle?

Your performance during the MOOC was great! You melted the minds of the facilitators! You are pure Awesome Sauce! You are Cataclysmic!

Winner is Missrithenay for her this is not a game (TINAG) it’s cataclysmic!

You are invasive! You are everywhere! You are helping everyone! You are the Collabrateur!

Winner is Finneycanhelp "All over the place during MOOC 3 especially helping out newbies!"

You apply your social network knowledge construction with deadly accuracy! Everyone is envious your your encyclopedic knowledge! You did not start it, but you will finish it! You are DPS!

Winner is MagisterP – First the Classroom, then the World

We've watch you grow and adapt. You mastered the grind! You've geared up and achieved enlightenment! You are Evolutionary!

Winner is Lleshrad - I really feel like I watched her "level up" throughout the MOOC, especially on Twitter and on her website.

You announce the imminent arrival of greatness! You alert the masses! You stir passion and reverence! You talk really loud! You are the Herald! A weekly award for the Best Blog written outside the guild site. The link must be posted in the Games MOOC Forum.

Winner is Mina ZedWord @TanyaSasser I nominate Tanya (Mina Zedword). I've learned a lot following her!

You always lead the charge! You face challenges head on! You are a rock! Let's face it you've taken a lot of maces to the head. You are the Tank!

Winner is SamG - His posts were DEEP sometimes, as in "fall for hours learning awesome stuff" deep! Especially Games v Curriculum

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!