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Games MOOC III overview

DIY: Mystery 5 by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Our topic for Games MOOC III was Build the Game using Apps, AR and ARGs. The focus of the Games MOOC III was learning about the resources available to create a game or gaming project for your course.This may take the form of using mobile devices to include even augmented reality. Or it may be a highly immersive interactive project that has your students doing live action role-play. Depending on your class, you may choose to use a little, alot or no technology at all. This course will have us exploring all the options. Educators in any stage of utilizing game based learning are welcome even the merely curious. Lurkers especially!

The weekly topics topics, we covered were:

1) Intro to the Course and Topics
2) Apps and Mobile Possibilities
3) AR (Augmented Reality) and IF (Interactive Fiction)
4) Mysteries, Puzzles and Scavenger Hunts
5) Narratives and Storyboarding
6) Creating the Clues & Playing the Games