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Games Based Learning Badge

Games Based Learning Badge is the foundational badge in the Games Based Learning collection.

Games Based Learning Badge by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Badge Purpose:
What does having been awarded this badge (or badges within this collection) signify? (What knowledge, skills, dispositions, or experiences does the badge indicate the bearer has achieved?)

The Games Based Learning Badge is awarded to those that have mastered the foundational principles and theories of games based learning provided by the Games Based Learning MOOC.

Those awarded the Games Based Learning Badge have:

• Participated in online discussions, and media sharing in the Games Based Learning MOOC.
• Researched, shared and disseminated material on games based learning to the larger educational community.
• Demonstrated knowledge of games based learning at the Creation level of the Social Knowledge Network Construction Model.
• Created an immersive or games based learning proposal or project.
• Created an e-portfolio that curates their work done for the Game Based Learning badge.

Badge Requirements:
What do I have to do to earn this badge (or badges within this collection)?

The Games Based Learning badge requires:

• Introduction in what "What is Your Name - What is Your Quest" forum during the first week of the MOOC.

• Weekly detailed original post (100 – 200 words) that includes:

screenshot or screencapture
post tweeted out to the #gamemooc community (see here on how to do it.)
link to game based learning blog article, research article or games based
learning video in the original post that is also put up in Games MOOC III diigo group.

• Reply (50 – 100 words) in weekly Games Based Learning MOOC discussion forums.

• Create at least a 4 page games based learning project/lesson plan by May 1, 2013.

• Final project should be put up in a storify or other curation site with the link posted in the Games MOOC journal.

If you have any questions, please message kae on this site or email