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Week 1 MOOC I
Welcome to the first week!

As you can see we are using a gaming guild site for this course but there may be some learning related features you find familiar. Here's an orientation to the site video by Brandon.

From a Distance by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Why don't you start by going to the forum and reading a little about the guild officers. Then please go ahead and introduce yourself. Feel free to use a screen name and also give us your real name. You may see vocabulary that is new to you. There may also be popular culture, comic book or gaming references that you are unfamiliar with. Either ask someone in the forum or google it. That's what gamers do all the time!

Weekly activities, reading, resources and games for each week will be up on each week's overview page. Here is Week 1.The discussion will be the Forums.

Active participants are expected to do the readings and have posted in that week’s task discussion by Friday of each week. Lurkers are expected to lurk. For lurking activities please see Dr. Lisa Dawley’s Social Network Knowledge Construction.

Criteria for You to Assess Your Learning
(Since this is a MOOC, we won't be grading you! but we will be encouraging you to learn, reflect, network and create!)

Suggestions for Satisfactory Progress


Play the games!
First forum post by Thursday
Additional posts made by Sunday
Made a substantial contribution to the discussion
Added at least 3 resources or links to the discussion

Exceptional Progress

Review the engagement matrix in Social Network Knowledge Construction
Participate in an activity designed by the facilitator that meets the criteria for
contributing, creating or leading

Devise an activity that would allow you to create or lead in that topic area

Exceptional progress would fit into the “contribute, create or lead” categories for designing social network knowledge creation (Dawley, 2009).

Award winning progress

YES - we do have awards for each week! Please look at the descriptions! Some are weekly, some are occasional and some are only once during this MOOC.

You may be only planning to participate to be able to identify networks in the topic areas or to lurk to get feel for the topic area. Any level of participation is encouraged!

Social Media for the Course

We have a number of social media sites that you may join or follow. Please go to the Social Media page to see these.

To add you own please go to this Google doc.