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Getting Started
Welcome! The weekly material will open up on Monday.

Currently the Games MOOC is on hiatus.

As you can see, we are using a gaming guild site for this course but there may be some learning related features you find familiar. Here's an orientation to the site video by Brandon.

From a Distance by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

We are leaving up the forums from the last four Games MOOCs as we had many requests for this. We will not be moderating these discussions, instead new ones will go up starting at 1 pm on October 28th.

So in discussion forums, look for these forums that are on top.

1) Gatehouse - Introductions
2) Mission Central - Weekly Discussions
3) Tavern - General Discussion and Questions about the MOOC
4) Town Hall - Events, Organization and Looking for Collaborators

We do have questlines!For our first two weeks, we'll cover concepts and terminology that may be new to you. Starting on week 3, we 'll have the five questlines up. Feel free to any or all of these.

Maker Movement
Game Camp

Weekly activities, discussions, reading, resources, events and games will be up on each week's overview page.

The general flow of the course will be (subject to be a bit of tweaking)

1) Monday noon - Weekly Session on Google Hangout

2) Monday 1 pm - material for the week goes live.

3) Wednesday evening 7 pm MT (Denver) there will be a 60 minute tweetchat using the #gamemooc hashtag

4) Friday and Saturday office hours and events over Google Hangout stating on Week 3. This could include discussion, guest speaker and at least one hour per week in Minecraft.

We will have additional livestreamed events from other educational organizations and will add them to each week as we have the opportunity.

There is no requirement to attend the live events and we will record as many as we possibly can.


YES - we do have awards for each week! Please look at the descriptions! Some are weekly, some are occasional and some are only once during this MOOC.

You may be only planning to participate to be able to identify networks in the topic areas or to lurk to get feel for the topic area. Any level of participation is encouraged!

Social Media for the Course

We have a number of social media sites that you may join or follow. Please go to the Social Media page to see these.

Lurkers are expected to lurk. For lurking activities please see Dr. Lisa Dawley’s Social Network Knowledge Construction.