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Summer Week 3
So ready for week 3! The focus is really task-based this week. We're asking you to start building your guild or multi-player experience for your classroom, after-school project or even professional development training.

Loweedo - new 90 by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

We think hearing from people who have been using guilds and gamification in the classroom would be useful.

Let's start with this recorded presentation that Scott Nicholson did on Meaningful Gamification last fall for the Games MOOC. Meaningful Gamification recording

Here's also a link to the paper presentation he recently did a the Games, Learning and Society Symposium. Exploring Gamification Techniques for Classroom Management

If you haven't already watched the interview with Emily Forand who gamified her classroom then please do. She talks about what it was like in her classroom. She had them do guilds twice. The first guild she assigned members but for the second time let them choose.

Marianne Malmstrom (or as some people know her by her screen name Knowclue Kidd) takes a less structured approach to guilds and gameplay and you can see it on the "It Takes A Guild" interview with her.

For this week in online discussions and off-line, we'll have you working on the first five quests. Last week we listed some guild sites for you check out, please go out and report back. We want you to start defining the learning objective, mission and charter. Then we'd like to start thinking of roles, ranks and how students advance in your guild and what type of experience point system you'll be using.

1. Research and report on other guild sites.
2. Created a learning objective for the guild.
3. Created a mission or vision statement for the guild.
4. Create a charter.
5. Create a system of roles, ranks, leveling and advancement

We have lots of great synchronous events this week.

Tuesday 6- 7 pm MT (Denver)
Hangout session on World of Warcraft and Virtual Economies with Chris Luchs and Jerry BuchkoGames MOOC YouTube Channel

Here's a recording that Jerry created as part of the Inevitable Instructor series on World of Warcraft Financial planning.
WoW and Your Financial Portfolio

Wednesday - 7 pm MST (Denver)
Log into with your twitter account and follow #gamemooc
We'll talk about virtual economies, goods, pets, free-to-play and more.

The week 3 Overview video is up here. Here's the link to the slideshare.

So have fun - this week and discuss, create and contribute!