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Summer Week 2
So, you’re back? This is unexpected. Most run away the first time they see a MOOC – A Massively Open Online Course. They call it a headless monster! They do not even have the courage to stay and lurk. The desertion rate is extraordinary and can even call into question the viability of this type of venture. But, I see you are different, you may fancy yourself an adventurer, one of those educators without borders……

Well…we shall see – do you plan to lurk, contribute, create or lead
I do have quests…mission reports if you are willing to accept these. They are almost a test… a test to see if you will be ready for what is waiting later. They will test if you can you harness the collective intelligence, do you understand the meta, can you control both flow and fiero. If you succeed, you may be of some help…in the future.

So ready for week 2! We'll be looking at characters and communities as a topic. The avatar you just saw is Lord Yama from the Bardo Thodal (Tibetan Book of the Dead) game in Second Life. On Front Range, we used in a simulation/game for a Eastern Religions course.

We'd like you to also make an avatar. It can be from a game, a virtual world or your gravatar. Please go here to see more details.

We'll also be looking a guilds. What is a guild and what other game communities are out there. We have some sites and videos.

For the "Build Your Guild" badge, we will have you making a "short" video trailer, so this week we are including information about Machinima. Since the ISTE EduMachinima fest is still open and there are short categories we'll be linking back to that also.

We have lots of great synchronous events this week. If are interested, please attend!

Here's the week 2 Overview video. The link to the slideshare will also be up here.

So have fun - this week and discuss, create and contribute!