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Joseph Doan
Joseph Doan
Twitter: @izzylander
SL: Izzylander Karu
Jokaydiagrid: Izzylander Karu
Reaction Grid: Izzylander Karu
Scisim: Izzylander karu
WoW Sisters of Elune Realm Horde: Izzdruid/Inevitable Betrayal
WoW Sisters of Elune Realm Alliance: Izzbhanu/Cognitive Dissonance

Joseph is an educational technologist at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Joseph recognizes the learning doesn't only happen inside the classroom and the role of e-learning in the current education landscape. At his institution, he champions the exploration, adoption and integration of technology in teaching and learning.

Joseph is very interested in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration within, and global collaboration without. Oddly enough, Joseph is a techie that hasn't really made social media a ubiquitous part of his life, for various reasons, but he is totally immersed in the MUVE Second Life where he collaborates with individuals and groups all over the world to advance the use of virtual environments in education and professional development. An example of such collaboration is the VWBPE (Virtual World Best Practices in Education) Conference held in Second Life.