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Week 6 Fall

Grid's First Minecraft Avatar by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

The mission of the Minecraft and More….. Unsymposium is to continue the discussion that began at the ISTE 2013 Conference at San Antonio. The most popular virtual world or game (depending on your viewpoint) was this lego looking, easy to navigate 8 bit digital sandbox.

The Fall Games MOOC from the Colorado Community College and the CCCS Hackathon Project are exploring making, hacking and gaming. Minecraft is the maker movement online and the UnSymposium will be hosting a building event – the Minecraft Challenge created by the rgMOOC.

Our purpose is to bring a group of educators together to discuss, plan and play in Minecraft.

We have activities starting on the top of the hour. We will be livestreaming all events through Google Hangout. Please be patient if we do not start exactly on time. We will be ending at 45 minutes after the hour to ensure time to setup the next Google Hangout.

On Friday night, we will be visiting the Morrowcraft server, and on Saturday you are invited to log into the Massively server and the Games MOOC server.

If you would like to participate in events on the Minecraft servers, you will need to have registered on the eventbrite site and then submitted your character name. The server is whitelisted so we will need to add you. The servers are using version 1.6.4, so you will need to make sure your account is set to 1.6.4.

The UnSymposium has the following objectives

1) Crowdsource an one page document that teacher can give their administrators on using Minecraft in their classroom to be distributed electronically and on site at the ISTE 2014 Conference.

2) Crowdsource a 5 – 10 page white paper on Minecraft in education to be distributed electronically and on site at the ISTE 2014 Conference.

3) Brainstorm the logistics of a virtual and geographically located Minecraft themed Hackathon on Friday April 4 and April 5, 2014.

We will be using google documents for these activities.

The UnSymposium has the following activities

On Friday at 6 pm ET, we will begin with a very quick welcome and then start with a tour of Morrowcraft with Marianne Malmstrom and her students. It is pizza and parent night on Morrowcraft. We don’t know a better way to start this UnSymposium than with a tour of a highly successful Minecraft program. We'll also be joined over Google by Dr. Bronwyn Stuckey, independent consultant in gameful design and community development.

At 8 pm Dr. Farah Bennani, Lucas Gillispie and Chris Luchs will discuss Minecraft for STEM, particularly focusing on biology and computer science. This most likely will kick off the discussion of the Minecraft themed Hackathon.

At 9 pm, Tanya Martin, Vasili Giannoutsos and Kae Novak from the ISTE SIGVE ( Special Interest Group- Virtual Environments) and Dr. Chareen Snelson will facilitate an open discussion on Minecraft and Machinima. This will include what videos are students watching and where is the learning happening.

On Saturday, we start at 2 pm with a discussion with leaders from the SIGVE, the Games MOOC, rgMOOC, VSTE, and Inevitable Instructors on Minecraft in learning. This will include brainstorming the Minecraft one page document and white paper and any other discussion that evolved during the UnSymposium on Friday.

At 3 pm, we tour Massively Minecraft with Jokay. Make sure you sent in your character name on Friday evening so that it could be forwarded to Jokay.

At 4 pm, we have Trish Cloud for Q and A. We’ll start with how to setup a Minecraft Club at your school and then continue on to discuss mobile and Minecraft, coding and all things techy.

5 pm, we’ll do a basic building session with giraffe69 and mousymoose and Trevyn Slusser on the Games MOOC server.

6 pm – 730 pm, we’ll have a Minecraft Challenge that the rgMOOC used for their Rhetoric class.

During this building we’ll also be talking with Kristina Thoennes on Minecraft resources, Sherry Jones and Steve Getter on Minecraft in a community college class and have commentary from giraffe69 and mousymouse.

730 pm - 8 pm Last thoughts and future directions

At 8 pm, we’ll be wrapping up in Minecraft and will be heading over to VSTE Island (Virginia Society for Technology in Education) for a Minecraft themed social in Second Life. This will also be the online kick-off to the annual VSTE conference which starts on Sunday.

If you would like to participate in events on the Minecraft servers, you will need to email games.mooc@gmail your Minecraft charter name. The servers are using version 1.6.4 so you will need to make sure your account is set to 1.6.4.

To register please go to

Registration will be open until Thursday evening.

This is a fully online collaborative event between the Games MOOC, CCCS Hackathon project Inevitable Betrayal Educator's Guild, rgMOOC, SIGVE and VSTE. This educational gathering is an opportunity for you to “assemble your entourage” or expand your personal learning network. It is for educators to build their social network knowledge creation. Hope to see you there and if not – hope to have a great discussion in social media. We'll be using the #gamemooc hashtag.

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