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We just completed the last week of the Games MOOC III.

To access materials from MOOC III please click on the following weeks:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

On Wednesday, May 1st at 7 pm MT we held our award ceremony during the #gamemooc tweetchat.

If you'd like more information about the Summer Games MOOC please click here.

Jade Forest I by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Our topic for Games MOOC III was Build the Game using Apps, AR and ARGs. The focus of the Games MOOC III was learning about the resources available to create a game or gaming project for your course.This may take the form of using mobile devices to include even augmented reality. Or it may be a highly immersive interactive project that has your students doing live action role-play. Depending on your class, you may choose to use a little, alot or no technology at all. This course will have us exploring all the options. Educators in any stage of utilizing game based learning are welcome even the merely curious. Lurkers especially!

The weekly topics topics, we covered were:

1) Intro to the Course and Topics
2) Apps and Mobile Possibilities
3) AR (Augmented Reality) and IF (Interactive Fiction)
4) Mysteries, Puzzles and Scavenger Hunts
5) Narratives and Storyboarding
6) Creating the Clues & Playing the Games

Overview of the Games MOOC

This open course is designed for educators who want to learn more about games, simulations and game-like environments for education.

It is designed for all levels of participation. We are using the matrix from Dr. Lisa Dawley's Social Network Knowledge Construction as the model for the course.

So feel free to participate at whichever level you want.

1) Identifying Network Opportunities

2) Lurking

3) Contributing

4) Creating

5) Leading

We understand that certain weeks may be of more interest to you than others, so please feel free to vary your participation week by week. It is also totally acceptable to start during Week 2 - Apps or Week 4 - Mysteries, Puzzles and Scavenger Hunts. That's what an open course is - open! Your facilitators are passionate about their topics and do want to share and collaborate openly in a non-institutional fashion.

If you haven't done a MOOC or an Open Course before you can get an overview by watching the video here.To optimize your experience, we suggest you do the readings, participate in discussions, field trips and that you share through the journal, videos/screencaptures, screenshots and on your own blogs and sites.

A cMOOC (We may not be massive - but we are mighty!) is based on the educational theory of connectivism. So it's not just about you as a learner but also about the whole community, which is something that is integral to gaming, the gaming community and concept of a guild. If you are not already networked into a learning community or a gaming community, we hope this course will help you. Don't go it alone! Pose questions, answer questions, agree, disagree and then go do more research. And we're just talking about the game play!

To get a better idea of how to make the most of a MOOC, please watch the video below:

What is a MOOC? Here's a link to an introductory video.

To get started in this course please go to Getting Started.

We will be doing three badges. These are totally optional!

The first badge, "Game Based Learning" is a task oriented demonstration of mastery of material.

The second badge is "Networked Educator" which will be based off the demonstration of creation and leadership in social network knowledge construction and the connectivist theory of learning.

The third badge is for "Brave Beginners" who are just starting to learn about game based learning.

We will continue to give out awards this iteration and you can take a look at our award winners here!