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Week 3 MOOC II
Badge Awareness Badge

Quick Overview of Badges video from Tuesday morning.

To start - go to the Open Badge Backpack

It is extremely simple - the "Backpack" is just about having the information about badges that you have earned transmitted to another site. It isn't the place where the badges are "displayed."

For the Mozilla Open Badge Projects - they are three key components.

1) You - the Earner
You earn a badge. The record of you earning this stored in the Open Badge Project database.

2) Issuer - what or who you offers and verifies that you completed the badge

3) Displayer - a website of an organization or group that displays the badge that has been earned. This could be a professional organization, an online community or even you on your personal blog.

Also, here's the link to the Badges FAQ for more information.

So for one of your mission this week - we'd like you to read this
White paper
and earn your first badge!

So for this assignment, we'd like you to go to "What are Open Badges?" site and get started.