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Getting Started
Part of the beauty of the MOOC is meeting and connecting with people who share similar interests (and you aren't following or participating in the MOOC without having an interest in games in education, I imagine!).

So, let's connect. Please comment with your digital footprint and social media presences in the forum! Share as much or as little as you want. Feel free to include everything from Twitter to Tumblr to Wordpress to Diigo to even the most cutting-edge/obscure social media that you use. Most of us will be glad to follow similarly-minded people!

Please share your digital footprint with us in the introduction.

twitter for game based learning tweetchat

MOOC #hashtag

Additional #hashtags
#gbl - game-based learning
#sigve - virtual learning environments related tweets


We started a new Flickr group for Make, Hack and Game. Please join it here.

Also have a look at our original Games Based Learning MOOC flickr site

Google +

YouTube Games MOOC Channel

Additional social media for week 3 starting with the questlines.

We'll be adding the following, these will be optional

diigo (social bookmarking)
Pinterest (visual curating site)
deviantART (one of the oldest online communities for sharing your art, poetry, photos, etc. that focus on the amateur producer.)