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Getting Started
The MOOCs! These were awarded to participants in Summer Games MOOC.

PechaThrone by abacuscapalini, on Flickr

You are an Artist! You capture the essence of time and beauty! You got separated from your party because you stopped to capture that texture in the best light! You are the Artisan!

Winner is Kam Tonnes With stunning screen shots she has truly captured the artistic simplicity that is Minecraft. Also knitted creepers are cute!

You watch, listen and write! You capture the actions of heroes! You shape history! You create the Legends! Singing is Optional! You are the Bard!

Winner is Blue Appaloosa Upon observing the conversation, Blue appaloosa gives delightful, insightful and intriguing rebuttal to the topic at hand.

You were always there watching, writing, recording. Your work will withstand the test of Time! You care about the details! You are the Curator!

Winner is Kamoreo For her dedicated work the Games MOOC Flickr group, Kamoreo has done an excellent job of displaying and documenting all that has happened with in the Minecraft Open house.

You apply your social network knowledge construction with deadly accuracy! Everyone is envious your your encyclopedic knowledge! You did not start it, but you will finish it! You are DPS!

Winner is Aescrof Hard hitting with comment after comment (particularly in the Ideal Elf) Aescrof shows that he is able to dole out a great amount of insight and opinion that leaves others in an educated bliss of enlightenment and enthusiasm for the subject.

We've watch you grow and adapt. You mastered the grind! You've geared up and achieved enlightenment! You are Evolutionary!

Winner is Gridjumper Grid Jumper is a great example of gamer Evolution. Though being a gamer for other things such as WoW and Secondlife, but when the two merged into a new world like Minecraft she had a rough start. Her determination and eagerness to learn about the game and how to interact with her environment without breaking taboos (or other peoples stuff). Though this was a tremendous hurdle for her she made it through and soon will likely be building entire worlds of her very own.

You announce the imminent arrival of greatness! You alert the masses! You stir passion and reverence! You talk really loud! You are the Herald! A weekly award for the Best Blog written outside the guild site.

Winner is EducatorAL EducatorAl is a Herald indeed. He tells the story of the many worlds and sites he has explored. Wrestling with the all the aspects within them; he is an exceptional reporter of the educational facts.

You always lead the charge! You face challenges head on! You are a rock! Let's face it you've taken a lot of maces to the head. You are the Tank!

Winner is Texan78 For hearty contribution and taking charge of the WoW discussion in the Summer Games MOOC.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!