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Summer Part II - Week 2 Overview

SITE CITY LIMITS sign by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Second Life, a virtual world owned by Linden Labs just celebrated its tenth birthday. It was one of the first virtual worlds that decided to let the consumer produce everything in it.

Linden Labs released this for their 10 year anniversary infographic. Some basic numbers are:

36 Million Accounts

$3.2 Billion USD virtual goods

more than 1 Million visitors monthly

Second Life is one of the options that educators have for creating immersive environments. One advantage that Second Life had over other environments is a strong support group of educators. While educators have gone to other virtual worlds like OpenSim, Unity and Cloud Party, a number of educators groups do meet regularly in Second Life.

Here's the SLowly immersing overview from the Tuesday Hangout.

Immersive Environment Educator Groups in Second Life

VSTE - Virgina Society of Technology in Education
Professional Development in Second Life every Monday

Virtual Pioneers
Professional Development Tours for Educators

Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable
Roundtable Discussion for Educators Thursday morning

SIGVE - Special Interest Group Virtual Environments part of ISTE
Regularly scheduled events


Virtual Education Journal

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research