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Week 1 MOOC I
Week 1 Overview

Please start by taking our little survey entitled
"What is your Name - What is your Quest?"
(Popular culture reference here).

Please use it to help introduce yourself in the forum, your interest in games-based learning and what you hope to get out of this MOOC. You can also take a look at your guild officers (MOOC facilitators.)

After that please take a look at the reading and resources - skim the material to get a basic understanding; then pick what you find interesting, intriguing or contentious to look at further. Then please tell us what you think and what you'd like to discuss further. Post in the forum or write it up on your own blog and post in discussions.

Intro to Week 1 and Serious Games Video of YouTube Livestream

Intro to Serious Games SlideShare

Games To Play:

Darfur is Dying

Eye of the Donkey

Viking Quest


Games for Change

Nobel Prize Educational

BBC History Games


James Gee 2012 Games4Change Keynote livestream video


HBR Blog Network - John Seeley Brown The Gamer Disposition

Quick Reads (note the dates - we'll discuss this.)

Digital Game-Based Learning: It's Not Just the Digital Natives Who Are Restles…Richard Van Eck

New Media Resistance: Barriers to Implementation of Computer Video Games in the Classroom - John Rice

White Paper

Confronting the Challenges of the Participatory Culture (skim - we'll be using it throughout the MOOC.)

Synchronous Events:

(All synchronous events are optional. The Thursday event will be recorded and the link put up on the guild site.)

Wednesday 7 - 8 pm MST (Denver)

Log into with your twitter account and follow #gamemooc
This tweetchat will cover the topic of this week - intro to games.

Thursday 7 - 8 pm MST (Denver)

Google Air session on YouTube Channel

We switched area - we'll be going over to SIGVE Island

We will have 3 discussants on this week's video Jim Gee's Keynote for Games4Change - Marianne Malmstrom, Peggy Sheehy and Bron Stuckey

Saturday 9 am MST

World of Warcraft Virtual Field Trip

We'll be using World of Warcraft for our virtual field trips and as our laboratory.
For this week, we'll be looking at the concepts that Jim Gee discussed in his keynote.

Google Hangout Air
and World of Warcraft Sisters of Elune, US Server


If you are not already familiar with World of Warcraft, we suggest you wait until next Saturday when we will have an orientation session and will have time to help and troubleshoot problems. Please join us on the Google Hangout Air livestream.