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Week 1 MOOC II
Week 1 Overview

Games MOOC Course Overview (video)

Week 1 Intro to Games slideshare

Mists of Panderia 4 by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Please start by introducing yourself! We'd like to know who you are and also it is a requirement if you will be pursuing any of the badges.

Did someone say badges?

Yes, we are doing three badges. They will be issued by the Games MOOC and will be listed in the Mozilla Open Badge Project.

Brave Beginner

Games Based Learning

Networked Educator

For more information, please click on the specific link for each.

The badges will have specific requirements each week, so click on the badge tab each week to get that information.

Social Media sites, we'll use this week

twitter - use #gamemooc and follow @ proximalzone
Flickr - Games Based Learning MOOC group
Games Based Learning Research Group on Diigo

Week 1 Introduction to Games and Games Based Learning Research

In general if you aren't pursuing a badge please take a very connectivist approach to this open course - skim the material to get a basic understanding; then pick what you find interesting, intriguing or contentious to look at further. Then please tell us what you think and what you'd like to discuss further. Post in the forum or write it up on your own blog and post in discussions.

We'll be starting off the course with a James Gee Keynote Address


James Gee 2012 Games4Change Keynote livestream video

While this was available directly, livestream now does have you make a quick account. The other option is this YouTube video of the James Gee keynote. It is lesser quality but is accessible for mobile.

Here is also a basic intro prezi for some of the games based researchers and types of games.

James Gee goes over what is required for a "Big G" game and we'd like to explore that in discussions and in our live events this week.


Games for Change

Nobel Prize Educational

Week 1: Gameplay Choices

Any Game from Games 4 Change

Any Game from Nobel Prize Foundation

If you are already playing these, feel free to choose any of the following commercial off the shelf games:

World of Warcraft

Budget Hero

Viking Quest



McDonald's Video Game

Darfur is dying

Eye of the Donkey ( CSI - Chemistry)

Networked Educator Reading for this week

Let's start with discussing in the forums the article Social Network Knowledge Construction and the engagement matrix.