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Week 2 Fall

Hack Fuel by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

This week is a discussion of Modding, Machinima and Minecraft.
To see how we are framing it, it is suggested that you either watch the Google Hangout Recording and/or take a look at the slideshare.

The CCCS Hackathon Project did its first Hackathon event this weekend. It was 23 hours straight with CIS students from Front Range Community College at the Larimer Campus. Inspired by this will are continuing the conversation on hacking, hack-a-thons and the type of learning and demonstration of mastery that takes place.

Oh and when we asked them for the next hack-a-thon what we should hack - they answered on the exit survey "a game."

Late Nite Notes by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Gamers/Gamer Disposition

With the exit survey results in mind, we're going to thave you take a look (some of you a second look) at this paper by John Seely Brown. The Gamer Disposition.

How can you design assignments like this for your classroom? How can you get your students involved in events that tap into maker, modder and creator mentality?

Below is more on the three topics/movements that we are exploring this week.


These were mentioned in the Google Hangout, now go and take a look at the number and the variety.

Curse Client

Curse World of Warcraft

Curse Minecraft

Is there a software or hardware that your students could mod? Is there a problem that they have been asking about and giving suggestions on how it could be fixed?


Here is one of the all time ISTE SIGVE favorite Machinima made by third grader in Lego Universe. He calls it "Crumple's Pet Skunk Tutorial", we call it "Assessment of Learning.

We'll have you take a look at some Machinima that was used for lesson.

Also take a look at LP (Let's Play) and some mixed media narrated gameplay

Twitchtv This will be live and language can sometimes be R rated.

Inevitable Instructors - mixed media There are a number of video, it's suggested you just skim through titles and take a quick look at them.


Minecraft Con took place from November 2 -3, 2013
Click here to see archived sessions.

Also this month there are a number of events happening - just go here to take a look at Connected Learning.

We'll be starting our Minecraft office hours on the weekend of November 15 - 17, 2013.

But don't wait until then, go to Minecraft and download a free account. It won't let you do everything but it will get you started.

For those who would like to go a little further - go to take a look at

and also this game Kerbel Space Program

So after you're done looking with these, what do you do?

Go into the Discussion Forum and get involved!

Also come to the synchronous sessions and discuss live, post what you think in the forums, participate in the #gamemooc tweetchats on Wednesday, and then this weekend go on a field trip to a Hackathon or Maker event in your area and report back!

Next week, we be looking at 5 questlines and based on feedback may be changing one or two topics!