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Week 2 MOOC II
Welcome to Week 2!

Game Mechanics is the topic for this week. We will be supplementing that with an overview of Fun, Flow and Fiero.

So what is the grammar of games? What explains the game mechanics and game dynamics that is happening in the picture below?

Let's have you take a look. But let's make it easy. How about using one of the worksheets below to analyze your favorite game?

Week 2 Overview Video
Week 2 Overview slideshare

Game Mechanics v. Game Dynamics

Game Mechanics

Game Dynamics

Ultraxion by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

So it's an excuse for you to play your favorite game but let's be reflective about it. What is happening in your game?

Game Mechanics Worksheet

Basic Game Mechanics

Higher Level Game Mechanics from SCVNGR's Playdeck

TechCrunch - SCVNGR's Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck

Here's the link to the Games Mechanics discussion.

Popular Games to Checkout for Game Mechanics

If a game doesn't come to mind immediately - how about taking a look at these?

Farmville - Facebook

Angry Birds - mobile device

Word with Friends - mobile device

If you have a little more time....

Games for Change

Food Force

Engagement Resources

If you want to be sucked in....

Gamestar Mechanics