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Week 2 MOOC I
Welcome to Week 2

The topic for this is COTS.

Commercial Off the Shelf Games

Shades of Priests by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

They do engagement, immersion and learning so well! We'll be studying a number of them this week and also be looking at how to bring them into the classroom.

And for some help on that we have one of our own Games MOOC people who has started to discuss, "How to Pitch to Your Principal." We hope you'll join him in the discussion forum and have a few other administrators talk with about this. If it would be useful we could setup a Google hangout too.

There will be an emphasis this week on Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Portal. If you are using any of these already please message Kae. We'd like to get you further involved in the discussion.

If you are using a different MMORPG or Console or other COTS in your course please also im Kae - we'd like to feature and document.

But I'm sure, there are some of you here on a mission. I would not want to deter you. Your mission of course is to understand flow, fiero and the meta of MMORPGs and COTS.

Other are taking a more connectivist approach. If you are taking that connectivist approach, please take a look at the reading and resources - skim the material to get a basic understanding; then pick what you find interesting, intriguing or contentious to look at further. Then please tell us what you think and what you'd like to discuss further. Post in the forum or write it up on your own blog and post in discussions.


Intro to Week 2 - Engage the Meta! Video of YouTube Livestream

Intro to Week 2- Engage the Meta slideshare


Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Tom Chatfeild: Ways Games Reward the Brain

Quick Reads

What Does Game-based Learning Offer Higher Education?

HBR Blog Network - John Seeley Brown The Gamer Disposition - back because it works this week too!

John Seeley Brown - Questing Disposition Video based on Blog

Engagement Resources

Four Keys to Emotion Without Story

Chasing the Wonder and Engagement

Sculpting Flow and Fiero

Gamer Vocabulary

Quick Gamer Vocabulary

Engagement Rubrics

Instructor Engagement Rubric

Student Engagement Rubric

Games to Compare

Quick Comparison


Tutors and Victorians : Dressing Up

If you have a little more time....

Diner Dash


Pick One For Fully Immersed - MMORPGs and Console To Investigate and Report on Engagement and Meta :


World of Warcraft

Minecraft free version is lower left-hand corner

Club Penguin





Console (if you have available)

Assassin's Creed