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Week 3 MOOC I
Welcome to Week 3

Gamification is the topic for this week. It has become a bit of a buzzword in business and marketing. But how do we use it for education? For this week, we have a mix of educational and industry articles and videos.

Heal Shot by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

But I'm sure, there are some of you here on a mission. I would not want to deter you. Your mission of course is to understand game mechanics, victory conditions, badges and multiplayer classrooms.

Other are taking a more connectivist approach. If you are taking that connectivist approach, please take a look at the reading and resources - skim the material to get a basic understanding; then pick what you find interesting, intriguing or contentious to look at further. Then please tell us what you think and what you'd like to discuss further. Post in the forum or write it up on your own blog and post in discussions.


Intro to Week 3 - Gamification video

Intro to Gamification Week 3 Slideshare


Jesse Shell - When Games Invade Real Life

Lee Sheldon - Designing Coursework as a Game

Gamification Research

The Future of Gamification

Quick Reads

Educause - 7 Things You Should Know About …Gamification

Educause - 7 Things You Should Know About ...Badges

Gamification Wiki

Gamification Worksheet

Basic Game Mechanics

Higher Level Game Mechanics from SCVNGR's Playdeck

TechCrunch - SCVNGR's Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck

Popular Games to Checkout for Game Mechanics

Farmville - Facebook

Angry Birds - mobile device

Word with Friends - mobile device

If you have a little more time....

Games for Change

Food Force