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Summer Part II - Week 3

Imersive gaming by trevyn.slusser, on Flickr

Welcome to Week 3 - Our Last Week on the Immersive Learning Tour!!!!

Yes this week, we really want you to tour.

Get into Minecraft even if it is only for the 5 day demo.

Download World of Warcraft and dip your toe in the waters of Azeroth.

Come to a meeting in Second Life .

We will also have Game MOOC on Friday to take you around.

Monday - we'll have the material up at 1 pm to continue discussing MOOCs, World of Warecraft and other ways to build your PLN.

On Tuesday, we'll be putting up more material and discussions. We'll look at how the journal Nature is handling them and also have a discussion of science in virtual worlds and Minecraft.

Tuesday - We'll do a Google Hangout interview with Marianne Malmstrom.

Wednesday evening - we will combine a Google Hangout with a tweetchat on continue the discussion on Avatars and Online Identity.

So get ready to discuss, post and share lots of screenshots!