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Week 4 Fall
This week we'll be looking more in-depth at upcoming Make, Hack and Game events as well as discussing gamification.

For an overview here is this Week's slideshare and video (will be linked as soon as YouTube Problem clears up).

Let's start with the video done by Dr. Scott Nicholson. He was a Games MOOC guest speaker last year.

The title of this session is Meaningful Gamification

Also take a look at this article by him.

Strategies for Meaningful Gamification: Concepts behind Transformative Play and Participatory Museums

We've also looked at Keller's ARCS Motivational Model. How does this align ( or does it) with Meaningful Gamification?

Here's some additional resources to peruse:


Jesse Shell - When Games Invade Real Life

Lee Sheldon - Designing Coursework as a Game

Gamification Research

The Future of Gamification

Quick Reads

Educause - 7 Things You Should Know About …Gamification

Educause - 7 Things You Should Know About ...Badges

Gamification Wiki


Upcoming Events

We introduced these events last week, this week we'd like your input. Please join us in discussion. What do you bleive the necessary elements are if we are doing Keller's ARCS model. Would gamification add anythig to these events or would it detract from them?

Minecraft, MMOs and More UnSymposium
December 6 and December 7

Friday, December 6
4 - 8 pm MT

Saturday, December 7
Noon - 6 pm MT

Event Brite Signup

Most session with be a panel or speaker over Google Hangout with livestreaming from Minecraft. We will be doing a building competition and have our servers open during the UnSymposium.


Hour of Coding

Two of our collaborators will be holding online coding events as professional development for educators.
Computer Science Week December 9 - 15, 2013.

SIGVE (Special Interest Group - Virtual Environments)
Tuesday, December 10 at 6 pm MT in Second Life
The focus of this event will be linden scripting which is similar to javascript.

Inevitable Betrayers Educators' Gaming Guild
Making Macros for World of Warcraft
Wed Dec 11 at 6 pm MT/7 pm server time


So after you're done looking going through the material, what do you do?

Go into the Discussion Forum and get involved!

Also come to the synchronous sessions and discuss live, post what you think in the forums, participate in the #gamemooc tweetchats on Wednesday, and then this weekend go on a field trip to a Hackathon or Maker event in your area and report back!

Starting on November 25th, we be looking at 5 questlines and based on feedback may be changing one or two topics!