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Week 4 MOOC I
Mission Epistemic

This week there is really only one mission – Mission Epistemic

Everyone has a content area. What epistemic games are in your content area. These games could be to train you or train your students.

Now, you might not know the answer off the topic of your head. So you will to play the metagame. Here’s how we suggest you proceed…… Start by googling your content area and adding the words “serious game.” Does anything show up? Too little or maybe too much?

Okay, then is there a listserv for your content area. Perhaps an association that has a listserv or place on its website to search. Go ahead and search for games there. Another place to look is at the latest conference, chances are someone there did a presentation on games. Are their slides or Prezi available? Is there an email where you can contact them? This is an absolutely connectivist way of looking for games in your content area that have been tested and making a network contact that may help you find even more resources.

Maybe there is even an organization that focuses on games and simulation that can help you.

Here are your briefing papers.

Mission Support

For anyone looking for that game, please post as much information as possible so we can help support you. We need the basic intell – subject area, grade level, in the classroom or online, mobile or desktop, free ranging players or static. Also anything else that would help us find the target?

If you are musing, considering or already been using Minecraft in the classroom, please report here.

If you are musing, considering or already been using World of Warcraft in the classroom, please report here.