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Week 4 MOOC II
Welcome to Week 4!

The topic for this is Immersive Environments for learning. This is such a broad topic that we can only do a tour. We'll be looking at avatars, immersion and complex systems.

Cze on the Spine by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

The Gamer and Complex Systems

So let's start with this 6 minute video - "Why I would Rather Hire A High End World of Warcraft Player Rather Than a MBA"

HBR Blog Network - John Seeley Brown The Gamer Disposition - back because it works this week too!

John Seeley Brown - Questing Disposition Video based on Blog

For further on games and virtual worlds as complex systems, Beverly A. McArthur on Simulations, Games & Wicked Problems


A Grounded Study of Game Immersion

The Psychology of Immersion in Video Games


V-Learning: How Gaming and Avatars Are Engaging Students Online

Leveraging Identity to Make Learning Fun: Possible Selves and Experiential Learning in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)

Immersive Environments that we'll be visiting this week

Second Life

World of Warcraft


If you are using any of these already please message Kae. We'd like to get you further involved in the discussion. If you are using a different MMORPG in your course please also im Kae - we'd like to feature and document.

Just for Fun -Gamer Vocabulary

Quick Gamer Vocabulary